About us

The internet Dictionary defines viral as anything that – Quickly and widely spreads or (is) popularized especially by person-to-person electronic communication.

In other words ‘viral’ is a contagious phenomenon which occurs when any online entity finds a global audience who want to know more, and talk more, about it. But keeping up with everything that’s trending can be a task in itself.

Hence The Viral Bytes – where you will find quick and crispy bites of everything the internet is going crazy about. The Viral Bytes offers tit bits on various topics. Our aim is to always have something for everyone and never miss a viral moment.

We will take you through various topics to read about, discuss and give your opinion on. Popular topics include , Tech and Info security, Gaming and even a ‘How to’ guide. Add to that all the viral news and events doing its rounds on the internet and you will bet constructive procrastination, guaranteed!

The Viral Bytes will prove to be your one stop shop for all things viral but for that we need you, our readers, to help spread the word. So read us, subscribe, leave comments and suggestion and most importantly, share us with all your viral information hungry friend.