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Top 10 Upcoming VR Games of 2017


Virtual Reality gaming creates new trends in the gaming industry where the user can experience a three dimension environment and interact with the virtual gaming world. The whole gaming environment becomes real, and the user can experience it like a true, so today in this article I’m are going tell you about upcoming VR games coming this year.

1. Robo Recall

Now this is something any VR enthusiast will appreciate and enjoy. From the ashes of the Bullet Train demo that Epic Games’ released, they have evolved to this action-packed shooter that not only provides endless fun. It’s also FREE! In a world where rogue robots are taking over, you went with nothing but to destroy these threats in any way you see fit. In your arsenal are various weapons, ranging from your bare hands to high-powered machine gun. Shoot them, punch their head, smash them together or anything. The game relies on the player’s reflexes, skills, and awareness to totally annihilate these pesky robots. No release date as of the moment but we’ll get to see it or probably This year.

2. Resident Evil VII

There seems to be no stopping the hype train for this one. Considering its deviation from the previous series, it’s going to be worth our time. We all hope so. CAPCOM removes the third-person element and puts the first-person perspective at the help. It won’t be easy to get used to, but it looks like it’s going to be fun. Typewriters are back, crazy villagers are back and judging from the recent trailer, new monster types Gross. This Virtual Reality experience will surely leave players a terrible scar. Trauma, maybe? Demo testers also reported VR sickness minutes into the game.

3. Killing Floor

What could be more perfect for this iconic horror-shooter franchise? Tripwire Interactive brings out the big guns with Incursion. This Virtual Reality shooter will put what we loved about the Killing Floor series and integrated it into a more real, thrilling and fun experience. Team up as you and your friends are elite special forces tasked to eliminate these diabolical creatures. Insane weapons are at your disposal, and creepy character designs will surely pump the carnage. As usual, exact game play details are scarce. It has gained several negative feed backs due to its exclusivity but hey, what can we do? Catch them killing the floor this year.

4. Eagle Flight

SoarUbisoft introduced Eagle Flight to test the limits of VR in a casual flying simulator. Sony has its brand of the genre . Take control of an enchanting Phoenix in a world that is gradually created by the player. Use your Dual Shock controller to navigate this iconic creature to fly through the skies, hover and traverse around an enchanting and, maybe magical, skies? Its unique paper craft art style takes players into a page-turning experience of immersion. The game heavily relies on travel and exploration to find the deeper meaning of the world you’re on. According to the game, it’s like painting by flight. And you get to set the pace, fly fast or glide through the pages and uncover new chapters in the Author’s life. This reminds me of Okami. It’s PlayStation VR exclusive set to release sometime in this year.

5. Lone Echo

Many believed this game could end the chore of walking around Virtual Reality. I mean, it can be tiring, even nauseating, having to navigate around the VR world by walking. Lone Echo proposes an ingenious workaround. Strip the walking part and introduce a new movement formula that feels natural in space, and surreal, at the same time: Floating. In this game, you are a robot tasked to repair or do mechanical overhauls on a ship in deep space. Every motion is controlled by how you push and pull your hands along ledges using the Oculus Touch. This makes for a seamless navigation around the game’s beautiful backdrops. The free-flowing effects introduce the player to a whole new VR experience. It’s a dark and enthralling experience that is, unfortunately, exclusive to the Oculus Rift with Touch. We can’t wait for it to hit shelves and takes us to a magical feeling that no VR has offered yet. Stay tuned this 2017!

6. The Works Of Mercy

No, it’s not that famous painting; And no, it’s not that Over watch character we love. In fact, it’s a psychological horror that might take you on one scary and memorable trip to hell and back. According to the developers, it is a personal tragedy of a broken psyche. It even carries this ominous tagline, “A deeply disturbing, horribly convincing video game in which a protagonist is forced to make the killing. ”Yes, you heard that right. You play as the murderer. Why? Only through playing it will we ever find out. Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, explore a mysterious house filled with mysteries that could shake your life forever. Question how you ended up in your situation as you bask yourself into the Unreal Engine 4’s photo realistic graphics. all in VR form. Taking inspiration from Kubrick and other horror masterpieces, we hope it doesn’t disappoint. It’s set to release sometime in 2017.

7. Farpoint

Farpoint This game takes the idea of being stranded on a hostile planet filled with unknowns. Unknown environment, Strange atmosphere, Unknown location, And most exciting of all, strange creatures. It’s like Sigourney Weaver trapped on a derelict ship with that Xenomorph. However, Farpoint has more surprises too in the store because you’re in an ENTIRE PLANET. Save your missing crew in an anomaly happening near Jupiter. What could go wrong, right? But it’s no survival-horror. You get to shoot back with the PS VR Aim Controller. Yes, another peripheral that you have to buy if you want the whole experience. The game play takes the VR scene to a sci-fi adventure that might be worthy of cosmic proportions. Its first-person shooter element brings out so many creeps for players afraid of creepy crawlies and aliens. The game uses the PS Move Controller to take the problem into your hands. As usual, details have been scarce, but we’ll be seeing this game sometime in 2017 exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

8. Landfall

In a world filled with nature’s wealth, there’s bound to be conflict. Humanity has lost its way in the conservation of natural resources, and we are doomed. Greed has engulfed the big nations and what’s left is a grand war to control resources. Landfall is a sci-fi real-time strategy game. It’s developer Force Field’s first entry to the virtual- and augmented-reality. This RTS game promises a new evolution to tactical gameplay. You get to see what’s happening on the battlefield in third-person view. Then switch to the first-person view if you want in on the action. Everything is just so chaotic. Control your faction, select your army and watch as you play God in an exploding skirmish fire and brimstone. With a multiplayer feature that promises new grounds and a campaign to keep single players satisfied, this game might change the future of the VR in RTS. It’s set to release sometime in 2017 for the Oculus Rift.

9. Ace Combat 7

Form 20 years The Ace Combat series has always been proving new grounds with each installment. From the classic Air Combat up to the latest release, it continues to be the pinnacle of intense dogfights while maintaining a sense of direction to the development of the series. This is the first of the series to be released on the eighth-generation platforms. Not many details have been sharing but what we do know is that they’re pushing the limits on airborne supremacy. And look at those FA-22 and Sukhoi-30 duke it out, followed by a mothership unleashing XB-like UAVs swarm. The VR scene is about to truly immerse fans into the skies with graphics that are more realistic and explosive dogfights. We’re just pumped of about this announcement and couldn’t wait for more details!It will be release on the PS4, with PS VR-only exclusives. As for the actual launch date, we’re hoping it’s 2017!

10. Rock Band

Rock Band VR Music, and VR seems like both a weird and fantastic match, especially with a franchise as big as Rock Band. If you’re wondering how in the world can these two work together, then here you go! How is it possible, you ask? Well, the guitar controller is still central to the experience but with a twist. The VR puts you on the stage literally with your virtual band mates. To play, players can’t play wrong chords compared to the original version; instead, they create a sense of musical awareness as chords fly out of the screen to match perfectly with your guitar’s neck. Its vibrant colors mixed with promising song choices makes you feel like a real rockstar. The game requires an Oculus Touch to play and a handheld controller to work with it. Sure, it’s weird but as long as no one sees you playing, right? The game is set to release sometime soon.

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